This is my 23rd year in the classroom. In my current position, I teach Medieval World History at the middle school level and I’m loving every single minute! The kids are great, they keep me on my toes, they make me laugh, on occasion drive me crazy, but more importantly they make me realize that I’ve found my true calling.

I’ve been working in a 1:1 classroom for eight years – which has brought its share of highs and lows – mostly high, thank goodness. The 2017-2018 school year was quite the milestone as my department led the way with technology PD and we had a student teacher who was game for the twists, turns, and whatnot when it comes to using technology with middle schoolers.

I currently serve as history/social science department chair and co-technology coordinator. I also design and facilitate technology professional development in the areas of online/blended learning, differentiation, and technology integration not only for my department and school site but also for my district.

I have several publications in the areas of wikis and historical analysis skills. And because I have a love for learning, I decided that it was high time to take the next step in my educational journey. I am a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University School of Education where my research focus is on technology integration in K16 education.

On a more personal note, I like to write. It’s only because I have a lot of thoughts…I’m a thinker. Sometimes it’s hard to quiet the voices but I find that putting my thoughts to paper (or in this case, into a digital format) helps to alleviate the chitter-chatter in my brain. My old blog is Tech is the New Black but I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. Change is hard, it’s disruptive to the status quo, but change also requires one to stretch, to go beyond the comfort zone into the unknown. Change can be scary but it can also be exciting…I’m hoping that changing over to this site is less of the former and more of the latter.

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